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Excellent Reasons

why us...

  • Tried and Tested

    We have been in business for over 55 years- and believe in maintaining high standards of good old-fashioned service

  • Easy Peasy - Time-Saving

    We remove as much of the admin from you as you want - from minimal via our proof service, to zero with online ordering

  • Snap Happy

    We will send you a highly-trained school photographer- not just a camera operator. There is a difference

  • Safe & Sound

    All our staff are CRB checked annually

  • S.O.S.

    Our dedicated customer and parent help-lines are always on hand to answer any questions from you or your parents

  • High Tech

    Our very own state of the art lab keeps your photos under our roof (and control) at every stage

  • Simply The Best

    Our photos are printed using professional industry printers on kodak paper and our dedicated quality control team ensure you receive the very best

  • Working Together

    Our auto import service means that your records are updated seamlessly and easily

  • Speedy

    No delays, no waiting, no excuses

  • The Price Is Right

    We keep our prices realistic with packs starting from as little as £7.95

  • No Hidden Extras

    Sometimes life gets in the way. We are one of the few companies not to impose a surcharge on late orders

  • It's Easy Being Green

    We value and work on our relationship with schools. The rewards of loyalty and fidelity ensure that many happy schools stay with Vancols for years

  • Kerching!

    We pay generous commissions and we pay them fast. We can match any arrangement you currently have so switching to a better service from Vancols will not cost you a penny

  • Let's Stick Together

    We care about the bigger picture (as well as the smaller pictures!). We preserve memories but look to the future of the enviroment in all we do



Can I still order if I have missed the collection at the school?

If you have missed the collection for orders at the school, you can either phone on (01206) 273711 or post your order and payment to -

Van Cols Ltd

The Old School

School Lane

Great Horkesley



How long do you keep images?

We keep images for approximately 5 years and sometimes longer. If you would like us to search for old images we are happy to do so during our quieter times of the year. Please call us for more information, we are only too pleased to help.

Can I order on-line?

You can order on-line if the School have selected this service. If they have, you will have a photo code on your proof card in the following format abc-def-67gj for example.

Just go to our Get Photos website to order and/or visit our frequently asked questions

Can I mix images within packs?

Unfortunately you cannot mix images within the packs

Are the measurements i.e. 10x7 inches or cm?

All our measurements are stated in inches



How much space will the photographer need?

For individual photographs we recommend a space of approximately 15’x 20’. For contemporary styled groups we recommend 25’x20’. We will usually ask to use the School Hall if possible, as this allows plenty of space and ease of access.

If you are having a large whole school or a year group photograph which requires staging we will discuss the arrangements in more detail with you.

How long does the Photography take?

Our Photographers are highly trained and usually we can photograph a whole class individually in approximately 10 minutes for a single pose, or 15-20 minutes for multi-pose. We allow approximately 15 minutes for a class group.

Do you have a letter template to send to parents regarding the photographers visit?

Yes, please use our letter template to make parents aware of the photographers visit.

How do we update our School Database with our new School photographs?

Please choose SIMS or DNR to view a document regarding the information we will need in order for you to be able to use the CD of your School Photographs to update your School Database.

We have our own ideas, are you able to accommodate?

We are only too happy to help and discuss your own ideas. Please call 01206 -271521 and speak to Laura or Renata on ext. 252 or 239

Always Here To Help


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